Mayer Alvo

Education: M.Sc.(McGill), Ph.D.(Columbia)
Position: Professor
Research Fields: Nonparametric Statistics, Sequential Analysis
Telephone: ext. 3534
Office: STEM 557
Supervised Students and postdocs: Jingrui Mu, Xiuwen Duan
Research Interests

Non-parametric Statistics; General randomized block designs, Non-null models for ranking data

Spatial Statistics: assessing trends in acid deposition with reference to the Great Lakes; acid rain model evaluation; analysis of satellite data with reference to forest management.

Sequential Statistics:

Bayesian Statistics.

Courses taught:


1. A Parametric Approach to Nonparametric Statistics (2018) Mayer Alvo and Philip L.H. Yu. Published by Springer

2. Statistical Methods for Ranking Data (2014) Mayer Alvo and Philip L.H. Yu. Published by Springer

3. Statistical Inference and Machine Learning for Big Data (2022) Mayer Alvo To appear

R package

"hypersampleplan" for calculation of the hypergeometric distribution and for attribute sampling can be found on CRAN.


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