uOttawa Mathematics

(CRM-, Joint-) Colloquium

Fridays 3:30pm, Room B005,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of Ottawa

Supported by
Centre de recherches mathematiques

Coffee: Common Room, before the colloquium at 3pm.

(Carleton-uOttawa shuttle information)     (Colloquiums - Fall 2010)


Jan 28 (UOttawa) - Joint Colloquium

March 4 (UOttawa) - General interest

March 11 (Carleton, Room 4351 Herz. Lab.) - Joint Colloquium

March 25 (Carleton, Room 4351 Herz. Lab.) - Fields Distinguished Lectures

April 1 (UOttawa) - CRM Distinguished Lecture

April 15 (UOttawa) - CRM Colloquium