Franck Valli

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Franck Valli (left) and Neil Pettigrew (right) in the Harnett Lake


Franck completed MSc at Ecole Normale Superior in Lyon. Stephane Guillot and I jointly supervised his MSc thesis project, origin and tectonometamorphic evolution of mafic sediments in the central Quetico metasedimentary belt, western Superior Province of Canada. He concluded that the Quetico belt represents an accretionary prism developed south of the Uchi volcanic arc in late Archean time. He calculated the paleo-geothermal gradient of the late Archean accretionary wedge. The results are summarized in our paper in Precambrian Research.

After MSc, he completed PhD at the University of Paris.


After PhD, he was working for several Canadian Mining companies (Odyssay Resources, and Eastmain Resources), now moved to Newmont based in Perth, Western Australia.



Franck Valli,, Stephane Guillot, and Keiko H. Hattori, 2004, Source and tectono-metamorphic evolution of mafic and pelitic metasedimentary rocks from the central Quetico metasedimentary belt, Archean Superior Province of Canada. Precambrian Research, vol. 132, no. 1-2, p. 155-177. pdf




Valli, F., Guillot, S., Hattori, K.H., 2002, Mise en évidence d'un prisme d'accrétion Archéen. Reunion des Sciences de la Terre, Nante, France. pdf file


Valli, F., Hattori, K. and Guillot, S., 2001, The origin of mafic lenses and their tectono-metamorphic evolution in the Jean Lake area in the Quetico metasedimentary belt. NAT-MAP Lithoprobe Mtg. pdf file





Below: Franck Valli and Keiko Hattori are examining breccias on the outcrop of the Roby Zone, high grade palladium ore zone, in the Lac des Iles mine, Ontario

Description: Valli-KH-LacdesIles