Samuel Morfin, Post-doctoral Research Fellow


Samuel Morfin completed MSc at the University of Grenoble, and PhD at the University of Quebec at Chichoutimi.


Samuel started working at the University of Ottawa on July 1, 2015.


His main research is to characterize magmas associated with large porphyry copper deposits.

The work at Cerro Corona mine in Peruvian Cordillera has been carried out in collaboration with Goldfields Ltd.


He has presented a poster at the PDAC-SEG Minerals Colloquium in Toronto in March, 2016.


Morfin, S., Hattori, K., Baumgarntner, R., Gomez, P., 2016. Characterization of magmas associated with porphyry deposits: Links between petrography and the oxidation state of the magma, Cerro Corona deposit, Peru.  Abstract pdf

Poster (2.5Mb)