Lilianne Page

In 2012, Completed BSc in Chemistry with Minor in Geology at the University of Ottawa.

She is a meticulous worker and participated to analytical development work to get better precision and accuracy for difficult samples. She has very high standards not only in scientific work but also many activities outside geoscience field.




She won numerous prizes at rowing competitions not only in Canada but also in international stage, including two gold medals at Henley Regatta 2015, was placed 6th at the international university rowing championship competition in France in 2014, and three gold medals at Royal Canadian Henley Masters in 2018






 Page-rowing november 2012

Lilianne solo rowing in icy river in November.


Lilianne was reported in Ottawa Citizen Newspaper in September 22, 2018 and also Le Droit newspaper. Pdf


Lilianne examines the behaviour of halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine) and other fluid-mobile elements (boron, lithium) in subduction zones. These elements are abundant in surface environments, such as sea water and sediments, yet these elements are also present in deep in the mantle, such as diamonds and oceanic island basalt. Her work shows how these volatile elements enter to the mantle, and how they come back to the surface.


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