Neil Pettigrew completed MSc in 2004

After MSc, Neil Pettigrew was working for Avalon Ventures, Temex, then in Precambrian Geology Division of Ontario Geological Survey. Currently he is Vice President Exploration of Fladgate Exploration in Ontario





Neil Pettigrew's Publication


Neil T. Pettigrew and Keiko H. Hattori, 2006, The Quetico intrusions in the western Superior Province; Neo-Archean examples of Phanerozoic Alaskan/Ural-type intrusions. Precambrian Research, vol. 149, pp. 21-42.  pdf.


Pettigrew, N.T. and Hattori, K.H., 2002, Palladium-copper-rich PGE mineralization in the Legris Lake mafic ultramafic complex, western Superior Province of Canada. Transaction, Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Vol 111, Series B, page B46-B57. pdf


Pettigrew, N. and Hattori, K.H., 2001, Geology of the palladium-rich Legris Lake mafic-ultramafic complex, western Wabigoon Subprovince, northwestern Ontario, Exploration Mining Geology, Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, vol. 10, nos 1 and 2, p. 35-49. Pdf file


Pettigrew, N.T. Hattori, K. and Percival, J., 2000, Samuels Lake Intrusion, Northwestern Ontario: A late Archean Cu-Ni-PGE bearing mafic-ultramafic complex in the western Quetico Subprovince.  Geol. Surv. Canada, Current Research, 2000-C. Pdf file



Conference presentation


Pettigrew, N.T.and Hattori, K.H., 2002, Palladium-rich PGE mineralization in the Legris Lake Complex, western Superior Province of Canada. Special Symposium, Palladium Deposits: Current and Future, Southermpton (UK) in January, 2002
.      Transactions Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, vol 110, page B231-B232.
Pettigrew, N.T., Hattori, K.H., 2001, Geology and Cu-Ni-PGE Mineralization of the Legris Lake Mafic-Ultramafic Complex, Western Wabigoon Subprovince,  Northwestern Ontario, Superior PGE 2001.


Pettigrew, N.T., Hattori, K.H. and Percival, J.A., 2001, The Quetico Intrusions, Archean examples of Alaskan/Ural type intrusions. Lithoprobe Meeting.18.


Pettigrew, N.T., Hattori, K.H. and Percival, J.A., 2000, Samuels Lake intrusion: A PGE-bearing Quetico-type intrusion in the central, western Quetico. Abst. Institute of Lake Superior Geology Meeting, May, Thunder Bay (best presentation award)


Pettigrew, N.T., Hattori, K.H. and Percival, J.A., 2000, Ultramafic-mafic intrusions in the Western Quetico metasedimentary belt, Northwestern Ontario. Lithoprobe Mtg.

Extended abstract appears in
Lithoprobe Report, no. 77, p. 104-110 (2001)





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