Leo (Seungmin) Lee research project
Leo is examining the evolution of magma at Mount Pinatubo, Philippines. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in June, 1991, was one of the largest in 20th C. The magma was highly oxidized to contain anhydrite phenocrysts and high SO42- in melt inclusions. I conducted studies on the 1991 eruption products (see Pinatubo work). Leo is re-examining the eruption products using zircon grains and tracing the change in magmas by examining older eruption products including ~ 4 Ma volcanic rocks.

His work is reported in Ottawa-Citizen newspaper on Sept 22, 2018. pdf




Lee, S., Hattori, K., 2018. Cooled magma reservoir conditions between explosive eruptions at Mount Pinatubo, Philippines. American Geophysical Union Mtg (invited to present at the Session, Student Engagement to Enhance Development).

Lee, S., Hattori, K., 2018. Cold magmas and explosive eruptions: The story of zircon from Mount Pinatubo, Philippines. American Geophysical Union Mtg.

Lee, S., Hattori, K., 2018. Pre-eruptive conditions of 1991 magma at Mount Pinatubo, Philippines. Advances in Earth Science Research Conference, March, 2018. Abstract.

Leo received the ASERC-MAC Best Presentation Award!

Lee, S. and Hattori, K., 2017. The effect of element substitution on Ti-in-zircon geothermometry in volcanic zircons from Mount Pinatubo, Philippines. American Geophysical Union Meeting, New Orleans, Dec , 2017. Abstract and  Poster file, over 20 Mb

Leo Lee received the Outstanding Presentation award from AGU!!

Lee, S.L., Hattori, K., Valera, G.T.V., 2017. Magma conditions recorded in eruption products of paleo- to modern Mount Pinatubo. Hunt for Ore deposits, Challenges and Opportunities for Environmental Sustainability. Abstract volume p. 59, on June 29-30, Baguio, Philippines
Pdf of the abstract, pdf of the poster.

Field work in Philippines

Leo started a MSc thesis project in the summer of 2016. We completed the field work with help of Theophilus Valera of the University of Philippines around the Pinatubo volcano, Philippines, in December, 2016.

Photographs of the field work in the Mount Pinatubo



Lots of bush walk 

Pinatubo Crater Lake on the back


From the right, Theophilus, Leo and Keiko


On the way to the crater in Pinatubo Volcano





At the old Dizon Mine site. The second right is an official guide of Zambales City.


Fun night in the curling club in Ottawa.


From L: Martin Viala, Genevieve Huyer, Leo Lee, Chris Kobylinski