Jian Wang. PhD  in 2007


Description: Description: Jian Wang in the summer, 2008

Jian Wang started his PhD project in September, 2003 and submitted his thesis in the summer of 2007.
He has been a faculty member of School of Earth Sciences at Jilin University shortly after PhD and promoted to Full Professor in 2008



He teaches Igneous Petrology, Metamorphic Petrology and Geochemistry and supervises several MSc and PhD students at Jilin University.


After the spring of 2009, we started several collaborate projects related to the evolution of North China Craton. The work has been financially supported by a research grant awarded to him from National Natural Science Foundation of China.



Jian Wang's PhD thesis project

Jian examined the oxidation state and metasomatism of the lithospheric mantle below the southern South America. Some were metasomatized by adakitic melt. Some were metasomatized by an asthenospheric melt that ascended through a slab window. He demonstrated that PGE abundance does not change even during extensive metasomatism, fO2 increase during subduction-related metasomatism, but that fO2 is lowered during the metasomatism by adakite that contained high CH4.

Description: Description: S-SouthAmerica

Description: Description: Opxnite

Schematic section of the studied xenoliths        typical orthopyroxenite vein in harzburgite

Description: Description: Orthopyroxenite

Description: Description: Opxnite-PGE



Xie, Zhipeng, Hattori, K., Wang, J. Origin of serpentinites in the Sulu ultra high-pressure belt, eastern China. Lithos in press on Dec 9, 2012. doi.org/10.1016/j.lithos.2012.12.003, pdf Proof


Wang, J., Hattori, K. and Xie, Z., 2013. Oxidation State of Lithospheric Mantle on  the Northeastern  Margin of the North China Craton—Implications for Geodynamic Processes.  International Geology Review, vol. 55, pp 1-27. DOI: 10.1080/00206814.2013.780722  Pdf file ( 2.7 mb)


Wang, J., Hattori, K., Xu, W., Yang, Y., Xie, Z., Liu, J., Song, Y., 2012. Origin of ultramafic xenoliths in the Laiwu high-Mg diorites from western Shandong Province: evidence based on the abundance of platinum-group elements and oxidation state. International Geology Review . vol. 54 (10), p. 1203-1218.. pdf file (1.7 Mb)

Wang, J., Liu, J., Hattori, K., Xu, W., Xie, Z., Song, Y., 2012, Behaviorof siderophile and chalcophile elements in the subcontinental lithospheric mantle beneath the Changbaishan Volcano, NE China, Acta Geologica Sinica,  vol. 86 (2) p. 409-421. Pdf file (17 Mb)

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Papers related to his PhD thesis project

Wang, J., Hattori, K.H., Stern, C.R., Liu, J., 2010. Behavior of platinum-group elements during mantle metasomatism by asthenospheric melt. Earth Science Frontiers, v. 17 (1), p. 164-176.


Wang, J.,Hattori, K.H., Stern, C., 2008, Metasomatic origin of garnet orthopyroxenites in the subcontinental lithospheric mantle underlying Pali Aike volcanic field, southern South America. Mineralogy and Petrology vol. 94, p. 243-258. pdf file


This paper documents the formation of orthopyroxenite from harzburgite during silica enrichment by evolved alkaline melt. The abundance of PGE did not change during the extensive metasomatism from harzburgite to orthopyroxenite.


Wang, J., Hattori, K.H., Li, J-P, Stern,C.R., 2008, Oxidation state of Paleozoic subcontinental lithospheric mantle below the Pali Aike volcanic field in southernmost Patagonia Lithos,  v. 105, p. 98-110   pdf file

Oxidation state of ancient subcontinental lithospheric mantle has been studied. This paper documents that the mantle underlying the southern South America formed by an accretion of abyssal peridotites in mid Paleozoic time and that it retained the oxidation state of the precursor material, abyssal peridotites

 Wang, J., Hattori, K.H., Kilian, R., Stern,C.R., 2007, Metasomatism of sub-arc mantle peridotites below southern South America: reduction of fO2 by slab-melt. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, vol. 153, pp.607-624, pdf file

 Subarc mantle is generally oxidized. This paper documents that the mantle below the southern South America has been modified by adakitic melt with low fO2. The oxidation state is even more reduced than that for the abyssal peridotites.  Organic-rich sediments are abundant in the trench. The sediments overlying the slab produced methane during the partial melting of the slab (adakite) that caused the reduction of the overlying peridotites.

Wang, J., Hattori, K.H., Stern, C.R., 2007, Formation of garnet orthopyroxenites and mobility of siderophile and chalcophile elements during metasomatism by asthenospheric mantle derived melt in the subcontinental lithospheric mantle in the southern South America. EOS, American Geophysical Union Fall Mtg in San Francisco Abstract in pdf, poster (2.7 Mb)

Wang, J., Hattori, K. and Li, J.P., 2006. Oxidation state of the upper subcontinental lithospheric mantle underlying the southernmost South America. EOS American Geophysical Union, Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting. Abstract, Poster (8.6 Mb).

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Wang J, Hattori H K, Stern, C., 2004, Platinum-group elements and oxidation of Paleozoic sub-continental lithospheric mantle in southernmost South America: Xenolith study in the Pali-Aike region, Chile. EOS Trans American Geophysical Union meeting, San Francisco, 85 (47) Fall Mtg Abst V43A-1419 pdf