Janice Pedro (BSc in Geology, Sept, 2011)

Her BSc thesis: Geochemical characterization of the Upper Ordovician Macasty shale gas and oil Anticosti Basin, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada

After BSc, she has returned her home country, Angola, to work for an oil company


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Hattori, K., Desrochers, A. & Pedro, J., 2019. Provenance and depositional environment of organic-rich black shale of the Upper Ordovician Macasty Formation, western Anticosti Basin, Eastern Canada. Canadian Jour. Earth Science. Vol. 56, no. 3, p. 321-334 doi.org/10.1139/cjes-2018-0095 pdf file

Pedro, J., Hattori, K., Desrochers, A., 2011. Géochimie des shales noirs de la Formation du Macasty dans le Bassin d’Anticosti: résultats préliminaires. Association Petroliere et Gaziere du Québec.
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Pedro, J., Hattori, K., Desrochers, A., 2011. Geochemical characterization of the reservoir of shale-gas in the Anticosti Island. Abst. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. Vol. 43, no. 5. .p.115.  Abstract pdf                POSTER (1.5 Mb)