Fabio Stern, MSc candidate

Fabio Gianotti Stern completed BSc in Geology at the University of Sao Paolo in Brazil.

He started a MSc program in the summer of 2010.

He started working as a Mine Geologist at the Refratechnikfs magnesite mine, Baymag mine near Banff, BC in May, 2012, and submitted his thesis in December, 2012, successfully defended the thesis in April, 2013.

He is currently working as a senior geologist at Baymag mine in British Columbia operated by Refra Technik Group based in Switzerland.

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Fabio Sternfs research


Fabio Stern, Keiko Hattori, Jean Bedard, Constraining the tectonic evolution of the Bay of Island Ophiolitic Complex, Newfoundland. In revision, GSA Bulletin.


Fabio Stern, Keiko Hattori, Jean Bedard,  2012. Tectonic Evolution of the Northern Appalachian Mountains recorded in the Bay of Island Ophiolite Complex, Canada. Mtg of gOphiolites and Related Ore and Industrial Mineralsh, Turkey.pdf file of the poster (2 Mb)


B.M. Saumur, Keiko Hattori, Fabio Stern, Simon Jackson 2011. Major and trace element compositions of Cr spinel from serpentinized forearc mantle peridotites: Insights on their behaviour during melt extraction and metamorphism. Geological Society of America Annual meeting, vol. 43 no. 5 p. 588. Abstract


Fabio Stern, Keiko Hattori, Benoit Saumur, Simon Jackson, 2012, Minor and trace element abundance of Cr-spinel in forearc mantle peridotites. 2012 Goldschmidt conference.  Abstract. Pdf for the poster (16 Mb)


Fabio Stern, Keiko Hattori, J. Bedard, , 2011. Mantle evolution recorded in Cr-spinel from the Bay of Island Ophiolitic Complex, Northern Appalachians. Abst. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. Vol. 43, no. 5. P.493,  Abstract pdf

Fabio Stern, Keiko Hattori, Jean Bedard,  2011. Partitioning of PGE between silicate melt and residual mantle peridotites in the Bay of Islands Ophiolite, Newfoundland.  Joint Annual Mtg. of Geological Association of Canada and the Mineralogical Association of Canada.   Abstract, Poster (2.9 Mb)


Fabio Stern, Keiko Hattori, Jean Bedard, 2011. The origin of ultramafic complex in the Blow-me-down massif in the western Newfoundland, Canada.  Advances in Earth Science Research Conference 2011. Abstract


Fabio Stern, Keiko Hattori, Jean Bedard, 2011. Distribution of platinum group elements in the mantle-crust boundary: Evidence from the Bay of Island Ophiolite, Newfoundland.  Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre-Geological Survey of Canada, Mineral Colloquium  Poster ( 2.1 Mb)


The study area has excellent exposure of ultramafic rocks (mantle hearzburgite and cumulate dunite) and gabbroic rocks:


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Harzburgite in Tableland massif on the background.It contains veins of dunite, presumably track of melt percolation

Blow-Me-Down mountain has spectacular views of the Atlantic ocean and Bay of Islands.

It has a long hike (6 hrs) up to the top, but rocks are exposed well on and near the top.

As the name suggests, it is extremely windy, especially on the top.

To our surprise, there was a swampy pond on the top and a narrow stream from the swamp.

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But the access was not easy. We could not find the access road, and ended up walking for 6 hrs with a tent and foods.

The name tells many things of the location. Blow-me-down was windy and chilly.

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Cold and windy nights on the top of Blow-me-down mountain

Beautiful fly catcher--deadly for its prey
common on the ground of dunit

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At the first night, we stay in the Gros Morn National Park with beautiful carnivorous flowers and great exposure of rocks.

Here in Ottawa. Andrea and Fabio at the  Departmental Christmas Party,  Dec., 2011


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