Isotope Data - Jan Veizer

The time scale for the Phanerozoic database (Veizer, J., Ala, D., Azmy, K., Bruckschen, P., Buhl, D., Bruhn, F., Carden, G.A.F., Diener, A., Ebneth, S., Godderis, Y., Jasper, T., Korte, C., Pawellek, F., Podlaha, O. and Strauss, H., 1999. 87Sr/86Sr, d13C and d18O evolution of Phanerozoic seawater. Chemical Geology 161, 59-88.) is that of Harland et al.(1990) A Geological Time Scale 1989, Cambridge University Press. Note that any publication arising from this database may employ different (usually more recent) time scales, particularly for the Cambrian time span. This is the case also for the Precambrian database (Shields, G.A. and Veizer, J., 2002. The Precambrian marine carbonate isotope database: version 1.1. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems v. 3(6), 10.1029/2001GC000266) that lists some Early Paleozoic data.

Phanerozoic database

    1. Oxygen and Carbon Isotopes Reference List (format: Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf)
    2. Our Data (format: Excel .xls)
    3. Literature Data (format: Excel .xls)
    4. d18O-update2004 (format: Excel .xls)
    5. d18O-update2004-reference list (format: Word .doc)

Precambrian database

    1. Precambrian database -Version-1.1(a) (format: Excel .xls)
    2. Precambrian database -Version 1.1(b) (format: Excel .xls)

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