The Canadian Number Theory Association

In 1987, the zero-th meeting of the Canadian Number Theory Association (CNTA) was held at Universite de Laval in Quebec City. Since then there have been several more meetings of CNTA in different locations across Canada, on a surprisingly regular basis.

The association itself is a loosely defined group of individuals in Canada (and abroad) who are actively doing research in Number Theory and related areas of Mathematics and Computer Science.

The Ribenboim Prize

In honour of our cherished friend and a most highly esteemed colleague Paulo Ribenboim, the Ribenboim Prize is awarded at each meeting of the CNTA to a Canadian number theorist, or one with a close tie to Canada, for distinguished research in Number Theory.

Past winners of the Ribenboim Prize are listed below with links to one of their online (youtube) lectures or their websites:

Andrew Granville 1999
Henri Darmon 2002
Michael Bennett 2004
Vinayak Vatsal 2006
Adrian Iovita 2008
Valentin Blomer 2010
Dragos Ghioca 2012
Florian Herzig 2014
Jacob Tsimerman 2016
Maksym Radziwill 2018

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