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Data has come to play a central role in Science and Society. Both in the amount of data generated and the importance of using it, our interaction with the world is increasingly mediated through data. This places Mathematics in a unique position as a common language relevant to many fields. The Data Science and Machine Learning group at the University of Ottawa consists of members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics with backgrounds in pure and applied Mathematics/Statistics as well as Computer Science. We believe in an interdisciplinary approach that builds bridges between disciplines using Math, and brings tools from Pure Math to bear in new ways on problems involving data.

As an example of Pure Math innovation in Data Science, a project pursued by members of our group used Borel isomorphisms to perform dimensionality reduction. This novel method earned our team first place in the 2013 International Cybersecurity Datamining Competition. More information on current projects can be found under Research.

News: Now hiring for two Canada Research Chair positions ( Tier 1 and Tier 2 ) in Data Science  

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