OUPFB: Tropical Ecosystems

OUPFB course :
Tropical Ecosystems, Costa Rica

April 30 - May 13, 2018



Who is teaching:
David Currie -- Professor of Ecology at University of Ottawa

Where we are going:
Tentative itinerary
Brief desciption of the sites

What will it cost: about $4100 CAD

 Why the cost is an estimate

As a condition of participating in the this course, you must:

  1. read this Statement of Risks,
  2. sign this Liability Waiver accepting those risks,
  3. fill out this Emergency Contact Information form. 

Course activities in 2018:
May be up-dated in April 2018
Course activities & evaluation scheme
Possible presentation topics

 Coming in April 2018:
 Course notes  -- ** Please download, print, and bring with you to C.R.**
Mini bird identification guide -- ** Please download, print, and bring with you To C.R . **

Some photos of past courses:

How to register:
Check with the OUPFB coordinator or the Biology Department office at your university.  Registration opens in mid-January.  Your department will notify students when registration opens.  The course always fills up fast.  At uOttawa, people stand in line to register, and the spaces allocated to uOttawa students fill up soon after registration opens. 

What to pack:
Currie's packing list

After the course:
-- write-ups and data

  • Instructions          
  • Transect data
  • Tidal pool data
  • Hummingbird data
  • Bird species lists

Last updated: 5 January 2018