Summer  School  in  Operator  Algebras

Summer School in Operator Algebras

June 9-12, 2020

University of Ottawa, Canada

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this summer school is indefinitely postponed.

The summer school will feature three lecture series covering diverse aspects of operator algebras and their applications:
Kate Juschenko (University of Texas at Austin) - Liouville property of groups and their actions.
Magdalena Musat (University of Copenhagen) - Operator algebras and quantum information theory
Stuart White (University of Oxford) - Structure and classification of C*-algebras.

There will also be a career talk by Sarah Reznikoff, and opportunities for contributed talks by participants.


Partial funding is available to participants (Ph.D. students and postdocs). This will likely cover accommodation and meals. For US-based participants, additional NSF funding is available for travel.

Canadian Mathematical Society

The summer school is adjacent to the 2020 CMS 75th anniversary summer meeting, also at the University of Ottawa, taking place June 5-8. This CMS meeting features a number of sessions that may be of interest to summer school participants, such as Noncommutative Geometry and Mathematical Physics, Operator Algebras and Applications, and Quantum Information Theory.


The summer school is organized by Thierry Giordano, Ian Putnam, and Aaron Tikuisis. Sarah Reznikoff has also been instrumental in arranging NSF support.

Supported by the Fields Institute and the National Science Foundation.