The current members of my research group are (March 2016):

Co-supervisions: Len Maler (*), John Lewis (&), Andrew Seely (%), Bela Joos/Cathy Morris (#), Georg Northoff (@), JC Beique (!)


Wilhelm Braun (Physics): stochastic processes with time-varying boundaries

Alexandre Payeur (Physics and Medicine!): serotonergic circuit modeling


Nicolas Brodeur (PhD physics): statistical mechanics of energy metabolim

Stephen Clarke (Ph.D. neuroscience *): looming, receding and focussing dynamics

Alexandre Mélanson (Ph.D. physics !): dynamics of spontaneous motion

Arthur Sadrack Powanwe (Ph.D. physics): multiscale neural coding

Alexandre René (Ph.D. physics): inverse dynamical modeling from optogenetic data

Thomas Ruska (MSc physics): thermal coding

Kamyar Tavakoli (PhD physics): thermal neural dynamics, memory



Nicolas Bent (Sept. 2015 - August 2016)


Thomas Delev (summer 2017)



At the University of Ottawa, I have close collaborations with Len Maler (Cellular Molecular Medicine), John Lewis (Biology), Jean-Claude Beique (Cellular Molecular Medicine), Andrew Seely (Ottawa General Hospital) and Georg Northoff (Royal Ottawa Hospital). We co-supervise some graduate students and postdocs, and have regular joint group meetings. The nervous system of weakly electric fish studied in their groups is an ideal preparation to investigate general neuroscience/neural biophysics issues, such as neural coding, extreme sensitivity to small/fast stimuli, the role of feedback and its modulation in sensory information processing, and memory formation. The close interaction between experiment and theory that our collaboration fosters provides a vibrant research and training environment. Work with Beique involves modeling to complement neurophotonic approaches to synaptic plasticity and molecular psychiatry. Modeling work in my collaboration with Northoff addresses the spatiotemporal dynamics of brain rhythms measured through different modalities (fMRI, EEG,...) and their alteration in psychiatric illness. My collaboration with Andrew Seely, a thoracic surgeon with a physics brackground, revolves around the application of tools from statistical mechanics, nonlinear dynamics and complexity theory to single and multiple organ dysfunction.

At times I also work closely with Jean-Philippe Thivierge, a computational neuroscientist in Psychology, as well as Victor LeBlanc, a dynamical systems expert in Mathematics.

I also have a number of national and international collaborations in systems, computational and theoretical neuroscience and nonlinear dynamics. Please consult the papers on my webpage to get an idea about these projects.

PAST LAB MEMBERS (from distant past to recent past)

Graduate Students (many co-supervised with Maler):

Boualem Mensour (PhD physics) (staff researcher, Radiology, Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal)

Daniel Racicot (MSc physics) (staff researcher, Telesat Canada, Ottawa)

Martin St-Hilaire (MSc physics) (industrial physicist, Ottawa)

Steve Guillouzic (PhD physics) (data modeling, Dept. of Defense, Ottawa)

Brian Redmond (MSc physics) (science instructor, Grand Prairie Regional College, Alberta)

David Babineau (MSc physics) (industrial biophysicist, Ottawa)

Maurice Chacron (MSc transfer PhD physics) (now faculty, Physiology, cross-appt. to Physics, McGill)

Brent Doiron (MSc transfer PhD physics) (now faculty, Mathematics, U. Pittsburgh)

Jason Middleton (PhD physics) (now faculty, Louisiana State U Health Sciences Centre, Neurosciences, New Orleans)

Connie Sutherland (MSc physics) (industrial scientist, Ottawa)

Jakub Cieniak (MSc physics) (industrial scientist, Ottawa)

Brian Heffernan (MSc Systems Science)  (PhD candidate, Auditory science, U. Ottawa)

Jason Boulet (MSc physics) (PhD candidate, electrical engineering, McMaster U)

Jérémie Lefebvre (MSc transfer PhD physics) (now faculty, Mathematics, U. Toronto, and Neuroscience dept. Toronto Western Res. Inst.)

Kieran Bol (MSc physics) (now in financial mathematics)

Dave Houtman (MSc physics) (now teacher at Algonquin College)

Andrea Bravi (PhD Neuroscience)  (now data analyst at Apple UK)

James J. Jun (MSc transfer PhD physics)  (now postdoc at Janelia Farm)

Charles Garfinkle (MSc. physics) (now PhD candidate UC Berkeley)

Alexandre Iolov (PhD mathematics) (stochastic financial modeling, Copenhagen)

Alexandre Payeur (PhD physics) (now postdoc jointly in the groups of Béïque and Longtin)

Mathieu Lachance (MSc physics) (CEGEP professor at Collège de l'Outaouais)

Alexandre René (MSc physics) (now PhD student in my group in collaboration with Jakob Macke in Bonn)


Postdoctoral Fellows (many co-supervised with Maler):

Carlo Laing (now faculty, Mathematics, Massey University, New Zealand)

Benjamin Lindner (now faculty, Physics, Humboldt University Berlin)

Jan Benda (now faculty, Biology, University of Tübingen)

Maurice Chacron (now faculty, Physiology (cross-appt to physics), McGill University)

Jason Middleton (now faculty, LSU Health Sciences Centre, New Orleans)

Krisztina Szalisznyo (KFKI of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Axel Hutt (Directeur de Recherche, INRIA, Nancy)

Na Yu (now faculty, Mathematics, Lawrence Technical University)

Reza Khanbabaie (now faculty, Physics, Babol University, Iran)

Gary Marsat (now faculty, Biology, U. West Virginia)

Will Nesse (now lecturer at U. Utah Mathematics)

Jorge Mejias (postdoc at NYU, assistant prof. at U. Amsterdam)

Sara Nicola Jung (now postdoc at U. Bielefeld)

Richard Naud (postdoc at Tech. U. Berlin, tenure track in Faculty of Medicine U. Ottawa since October 2016)

Gregory Dumont (now postdoc at École Normale Supérieure de Paris and Purdue)

Belen SanCristobal (now postdoc at U. Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)

Research Associates:

Jinli Xie (China Scholarship Council exchange)

Nicolas Rodwell Bent

Julie Goulet (short-term postdoctoral visit; now postdoc at Yale)

Greg Barrie (DRDC Ottawa)

Marc Colette

Daniel Brabant (Photonics Research Center, U. Quebec en Outaouais and Optiwave Systems)

Diego Bueti (physics teacher)

Katarzyna Bzymek