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Anaesthesia neural dynamics                                   

Ants/Emergent Computation                                   



Delay Equations + Chaos/Neural Feedback  

Delay Equations + Noise/Neural Feedback                    

Electric Fish Naturalistic Images                        

Computational Neuroscience + Electric Fish           

Eye Movements during Reading                               

Stochastic Firing/ISI Correlations/Noise-Shaping     

Multiple Sclerosis/NeuroTrauma  

Neural Coding/Gain Control/Optimal Control 

Nonlinear Time Series Analysis (Biomedical and general)


Posture Control 

Pupil Light Reflex 

Radiation Biophysics 

Stochastic Nonlinear Dynamics 

Stochastic Resonance/Coherence Resonance

Thermoreceptors/Temperature fluctuations 

Full List 

1.     Harkin E, Payeur A, Lynn M, Boucher JF, Caya-Bissonnette L, Cyr D, Stewart C, Longtin A, Naud R, Béïque JC, Temporal derivative computation in the dorsal raphe network revealed by an experimentally-driven augmented integrate-and-fire modeling framework. (submitted)

2.     Tavakoli S. Kamyar, Longtin A, Complexity Collapse, Fluctuating Synchrony, and Transient Chaos in Neural Networks with Delay Clusters. (submitted)

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4.     Powanwe AS, Longtin A, Mechanisms of flexible information sharing through noisy oscillations. (submitted)

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