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Broadly speaking, I am a Mathematical Physicist. My research lies at the intersection of geometry and physics of quantum information theory. It is focused on explicit and asymptotic knowledge of the geometrical and topological invariants of mathematical objects which arise by elimination of existing symmetries from concrete systems in quantum mechanics.

More specifically, I am interested in geometrical and topological invariants of regular/singular quotients of certain homogeneous spaces obtained from compact Lie groups, especially those with direct link with quantum information theory, such as the special unitary group.

Research interests:


  • Symplectic geometry and symmetry reduction of Hamiltonian systems
  • Equivariant-cohomological and localization methods and their applications in Quantum physics


  • Mathematical aspects of quantum information processing protocols
  • Group-theoretical techniques in entanglement characterization


Current Projects:

Refereed Research Papers:

Conference Proceedings:



  • S. Molladavoudi (2013).''Symplectic Techniques in Geometric Quantum Mechanics and Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics''. PhD Thesis, University Putra Malaysia.

  • S. Molladavoudi (2007).''Varying Speed of Light Theories''. MSc Thesis, University of Tehran, Iran.