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About me:

Currently, I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Ottawa, working with Anne Broadbent. Before that, I was a visiting researcher at the Fields Institute.


  • 04/2015 - present: Postdoctoral Fellow,
    Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Ottawa
  • 04/2014 - 03/2015: Postdoctoral Fellow,
    Institute for Mathematical Research (INSPEM), University Putra Malaysia

Research Visits:

  • 07/2016: Scientific visitor,
    Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University, Japan, Host: Prof. Benoit Collins
  • 11/2015: Scientific visitor,
    Mathematical Physics Laboratory, Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM), Montréal, Canada
  • 03/2015 - 09/2015: Scientific visiting researcher (non-resident),
    Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Toronto, Canada
  • 03/2009 - 04/2009: Visiting researcher,
    University Scholars Programme (USP), National University of Singapore (NUS)


Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of Ottawa, 555 King Edward Avenue,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 6N5
Office: 205

E-mail: smollada (at) uottawa (dot) ca
Phone: 613-562-5800 ext. 1210