Paul M. Mayer

Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry

Mass Spectrometry


This part is continually under construction. It contains info on the careers of some of the former graduates of the lab.

The message that becomes clear is that having a degree in fundamental Physical Chemistry is the often the best jumping off point for a career in Analytical Chemistry as well. Most industry trained analytical chemists do not get the kind of training provided by a degree in Physical Chemistry. It also does not limit you to academics, as can be seen from the diverse range of careers listed below.

For starters, there's me, Paul Mayer (PhD, 1994), but then you already knew that.

  • Ameneh Gholami (PDF, 2014), Scientist, SCIEX Inc, Toronto
  • Barbara Francisco (PDF, 2015), PDF, Dept of Earth Sciences, UOttawa
  • Brandi West (PhD, 2014)  Post-doctoral fellow, New Zealand
  • Justin Renaud (PhD, 2014) Research Scientist, agriculture Canada
  • Abdulrahman Al-Hazmi (PhD, 2008) Research Chemist, Sabic Industries
  • Anne-Marie Boulanger (PhD, 2008) Regulation Officer, Health Canada
  • Clement Poon (PhD, 2008) Inspector, Health Canada.
  • Annick St-Amant (PhD, 2007) Environmental Consultant, JACQUES WHITFORD LIMITED
  • Emma Rennie (PDF, 2006) Research Scientist, Agilent Corp.
  • Xian Wang (PhD, 2006) Faculty, Central-South University for Nationalities in Wuhan, China
  • Julie Grabowy (PhD, 2005) Pest Management Regulatory Agency (Health Canada)
  • Darren Porter (MSc, 2003) Evaluation specialist, New Chemicals Division, Environment Canada
  • Marie-Soliel Giguere (MSc, 2003) Analytical chemist, Canadian food inspection agency.
  • Lisa Walrond (MSc, 2007) mass spectrometrist at Health Canada.