New Directions in Category Theory

An AMS Special Session

Dalhousie University, October 18-19, 2014.


Time Speaker Title
Sat. 8:00-8:45 M. Makkai Pseudo-Algebraic 2-categories of structured categories
Sat. 9:00-9:45 J.R.B. Cockett Kleene's minimization as a construction
Sat. 10:00-10:25 T.K. O'Neill Derivations in Kaehler categories
Sat. 10:30-10:55 R. Blute Derivations in codifferential categories
Sat. 15:00-15:45 M. Bunge Pitts monads and a lax descent theorem
Sat. 16:00-16:25 J. Funk Isotropy, crossed sheaves and braidings
Sat. 16:30-16:55 V. Rouleau On "propositions by testing" in logic
Sat. 17:00-17:45 P. Bubenik Category theory in topological data analysis
Sun. 8:00-8:45 N. Gurski Three notions of symmetric monoidal 2-category
Sun. 9:00-9:45 S. Paoli Weak globularity: a new paradigm for weakening higher categorical structures
Sun. 10:00-10:25 M. Johnson Modules over generalized props
Sun. 10:30-10:55 R. Pare Examples of intercategories
Sun. 15:00-15:45 P. Scott AF inverse monoids and the structure of countable MV algebras
Sun. 16:00-16:45 M. Shulman Univalent FOLDS
Sun. 17:00-17:25 G. Lukacs On bornologies and monoidal closed structures
Sun. 17:30-17:55 G. Cruttwell Counting finite categories