Discrete Mathematics Days : 22–23 May 2009

This page is for local information; the main conference webpage is here.

All talks in room A0150, SITE building, uOttawa campus.

The nearest parking is the Mann garage, at the bottom-right of this map. Pay-and-display costs $12 for Friday and $6 for Saturday. For more details, see here.
Note that this is not lot "M", it is across the street from lot "M".
The nearest bus stop is Campus, marked "OC Transpo" towards the middle-left of the same map.

List of abstracts.

(Schedule current as of 14 May)

9:00–9:20 registration, coffee/tea
9:20 opening remarks
9:30–10:30 Rod Canfield
Problems and results in asymptotic combinatorics
10:45–11:15 Alois Panholzer
Asymptotic results for the number of unsuccessful parkers in a one-way street
11:15–11:45 Shahla Nasserasr
TP2 = Bruhat
11:45–12:15 Dennis Epple
The bichromatic number of a graph
2:00–3:00 Patric Östergård
Russian doll search for clique-type problems
3:15–3:45 Conrado Martinez
Combinatorics and the hiring problem
3:45–4:15 Ben Seamone
Edge weightings that induce proper vertex colourings
4:15–4:45 Shonda Gosselin
Constructing regular self-complementary uniform hypergraphs
5:00–6:00 Heather Jordon
Skolem-type difference sets for cycle systems
reception to follow
9:00–9:30 coffee/tea
9:30–10:30 Peter J. Cameron
10:45–11:15 Robert Bailey
Bases for automorphism groups of graphs
11:15–11:45 Anthony Bonato
Distinguishing infinite graphs
11:45–12:15 John Arhin
Some infinite families of non-Trojan SOMA(k,n)
2:00–3:00 Marni Mishna
The combinatorics of walking around: Strategies for exact lattice path enumeration
3:15–3:45 Ilias Kotsireas
Periodic complementary binary sequences and combinatorial optimization algorithms
3:45–4:15 Bill Sands
On a problem from Crux Mathematicorum
4:15–4:45 Igor Shparlinski
Sum-product problem: new generalisations and applications
5:00–6:00 Shuhong Gao
New directions in multivariate public key cryptography
after-conference gathering to follow