The Murugesu Lab, located at the University of Ottawa, is fortunate to be a part of the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences as well as the Centre for Catalysis Research and Innovation (CCRI). Within our lab, as well as these two facilities, we have access to the following equipment:

  • SQUID Magnetometer (left)
  • Infrared Spectrometer
  • Thermogravimetric Analyser
  • 2 X-ray diffractometers
  • Powder X-ray diffractometer
  • Scanning electron microscope and Transmission Electron Microscope
  • UV-Vis, electrochemical equipment, fluorescence, etc.

Laboratory Equipment

The Murugesu Lab consists of a large open space, with a further instrument room to house our SQUID Magnetometer. The laboratory space is equipped with the following:

  • 10 fume hoods with accompanying bench space
  • A double glove-box (right)
  • A solvent purification system
  • 2 gravity convection ovens for carrying out solvothermal reactions
  • 1 ball mill apparatus
  • 1 programmable microwave
  • 2 rotary evaporators
  • Heating stir plates, glassware, analytical balances, etc.