Slides from my talks

Optimal Local Buffer Management for Information Gathering with Adversarial Traffic, talk given at SPAA 2017

On the weighted quartet consistency problem, talk given at CPM 2017

On strongly chordal graphs that are not leaf powers, talk given at WG 2017

Algorithms for the validation and correction of orthology relations, invited talk at the MonBUG seminar (2017)

Whom to befriend to influence people, talk given at SIROCCO 2016

Algorithmes de construction et correction d'arbres de genes par la reconciliation (in French), PhD thesis defense (2016)

Algorithms for the validation and correction of gene relations, invited talk at the LIRMM, Montpellier, France (2016)

Reconstructing a SuperGeneTree minimizing reconciliation, talk given at RECOMB-CG 2015 conference

Orthology relation and gene tree correction: complexity results, talk given at WABI 2015 conference

Inference d'histoires evolutives de genes par speciation et duplication (in French), invited talk given at the MiDIRO conference at the University of Montreal (2015), whose aim is to initiate undergraduate to research.

Orthology and paralogy constraints: satisfiability and consistency, talk given at RECOMB-CG 2014 conference

Polytomy refinement for the correction of dubious duplications in gene trees, talk given at ECCB 2014 conference

Gene tree correction guided by orthology, talk given at RECOMB-CG 2013 conference

Error Detection and Correction of Gene Trees Using Gene Order, talk given at the Montreal-Toronto retreat seminar on bioinformatics (2013)

An optimal reconciliation algorithm for gene trees with polytomies (2012), talk given at WABI 2012