Professor Michel Godin -- Group Leader
Associate Professor
Department of Physics
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
PhD, MSc, BSc; McGill University
Dr. Ali Najafi Sohi -- Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD; University of Waterloo
MEng, BEng; Sharif University of Technology

"Integrated nanopore sensors in microfluidic devices"
Dr. Ainara Benavente -- Postdoctoral Fellow
BSc, MSc, PhD; University of Navara
"Encapsulation of single stem cells"

Dr. Kristina Haase -- Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD, MASc; University of Ottawa
BEng; Carleton University

"Encapsulation of single stem cells"
Eric Beamish -- PhD Student - Physics
NSERC PGS D Fellowship
MSc, BSc; University of Ottawa
"Nanopore-based multiplexed protein detection"
Radin Tahvildari -- PhD Student - Physics
MSc; Sharif University of Technology
BSc; Azad University - Tehran Central Branch
"Integrated nanopore sensors in microfluidic devices"
Co-Supervised with Prof. Vincent Tabard-Cossa
Sophie Chagnon-Lessard -- PhD Student - Physics
NSERC PGS D Fellowship
MSc; University of Guelph
BSc; Université Laval
"Cellular dynamics in response to anisotropic strain"
Co-Supervised with Prof. Andrew E. Pelling
Adefami Adeyemi -- MSc Student - Biomedical Engineering
BEng; Carleton University
"Encapsulation of single stem cells"
Veronika Cencen -- MSc Student - Biomedical Engineering
NSERC PGS M Fellowship
BASc; University of Ljubljana
"Cell transfection in microfluidics devices"
Wenyang Jing -- MSc Student - Physics
BSc; McGill University
"Cell sorting in microfluidic devices"
Keith Dennis Ludlow -- Co-Op Student
Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical Engineering
"On-chip stretchable decive for cell study"


Cedric Eveleigh (Cell transfection in microfluidics)

Dr. Benjamin Watts (Postdoctoral fellow and Microfab facility manager)

Nicolas Catafard (Cell encapsulation in agarose microcapsules using a microfluidic device)

Daniel Sigouin (Sorting encapsulated single cells using dielectrophoresis)

Shuo Han (Control electrical and fluidical access in microfluidic device using pneumatic valves)

Desola Olurotimi Odedina (Developing nanopore sensor in microfluidic devices)

Jason Riodon (Single cell studies with on-chip microfluidic volume sensors)

Matias Calderini (Controlled Trapping bacteria in microfluidic channel)

Michael Nash (Sorting particles and cells using a microfluidic volume sensor)

Jeremie Gaudreau (Encapsulation of Single cells into monodisperse picoliter drops)

Dr. Maryam Mirzaei (On-chip stretchable decive for morophological cell study)

Dylan Stone (Developing cell sorting microfluidic channels)

Gabriel Dupras (Developing integrated microfluidic channels)

Andrew Todd (Separating particles by size using field flow fractionation)

Laurent Gagné-Dumais (Gravitational Field Flow Fractionation, transition between modes)

Jeremie Harris (Multiplexed protein detection for disease diagnostics using nanopores)

Alan Manning (Fluid and particle analysis at the microscale using a microfluidic mass sensor)

Noam Lightstone (Microfludic device for separating particles by size)

Ian Jardine (Single molecule detection using nanopores)

Chloé Promsy (Optofluidic microscopy and on-chip microfluidic sample manipulation)

Jeff Salvail (Mass sensing using a suspended microchannel resonator and microfluidic volume sensor)

Dominique Laniel (Mass sensor integration and control)

Eric Hoogkamp (On-chip Coulter-based volume sensing)