Information concerning international MSc/PhD students:

If you are not a Canadian citizen/Permanent resident, you have to pay international tution fees (see the UOttawa web-site). These fees are much higher than the usual domestic fees, meaning that to support yourself you have


(a) to have an international scholarship from UOttawa that waives the international fees


(b) to have some external funding, e.g. fellowhip from your country, that covers the fees.

To apply for (a) your GPA (average grade at the university) has to be at least 9.5 (out of 10). If it is less than 9.5, very likely, you will not get the fellowship, meaning that the only option for you to study at UOttawa is (b). This is essentially the reason why I require that

In order to be considered for a MSc./PhD. program under my supervision

If you satisfy the criteria above, please, send me