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Students and Postdocs


Yousef Alqawasmeh (PDF) since 2017

Tricia Morris (MSc) since 2017

Jane MacDonald (PhD) since 2017 (with Y. Bourgault)

Wasaif Alruwaele (PhD) since 2017

Xiaoying Wang (PDF) since 2016

Laurence Ketchemen (PhD) since 2016

Nazanin Zaker (PhD) since 2016

James Dowdall (PhD) since 2016 (with V. LeBlanc)

Yousef Alqawasmeh (PhD) 2014 - 2017
Structured populations in patchy landscapes

Jane MacDonald (MSc) 2015 - 2017
Modeling a population in a moving habitat

Tricia Morris (Honours) 2017
Critical domain-size required for persistence in a spatial model for the common lizard (Lacerta vivipara)

Noah Bolohan (UROP) 2016/17
Seasonal Variation in a Prey-Predator-Predator Model

Martin Hanzel (Biology Honours) 2016/17
The River Engine: A Framework for Simulating Population Dynamics in Rivers Using an Agent-Based Model

Gabriel Maciel (PDF) 2015 - 2016
Competition in Heterogeneous landscapes

Rebecca de Boer (PDF) 2014 - 2016
Structural intervention for HIV and choice disability

Justus Fink (U'grad) 2016
Moving boundary spread models

Adele Bourgeois (MSc) 2014 - 15 (with V. LeBlanc)
Spreading Speeds and Travelling Waves in Integrodifference Equations with Overcompensatory Dynamics

Yasmine Samia (PhD) 2011-2016
Persistence of river populations

James Dowdall (MSc) 2013 - 15 (with V. LeBlanc)
Wave blocking phenomena and ecological applications

Aubrey Maquiling (U'grad) 2014/15
Antipyretic drugs and population-level influenza

Yuxiang Zhang (PDF) 2013-2015 (with F. Guichard)
Spatial synchrony

Gabriel Andreguetto Maciel (ELAP) 2014
Interface behavior and population dynamics

Jeff Musgrave (PDF) 2013-2014
Models for HIV and choice disability
Individual movement in patchy landscapes

Jan Eisenberg (U'grad) 2013
Adaptive dynamics of impulsive systems

Jeff Musgrave (PhD) 2009-2013
Integrodifference Equations in Patchy Landscapes

Alexandre Girard (U'grad) 2013 (two terms)
Allee effects and patchy landscapes

Olga Vasilieva (PDF) 2012/13 (with M. Lewis)
Impulsive differential equations for stream ecosystems

Alexandra Erbach (U'grad) 2012
Dynamics of prey and generalist predator

Olga Vasilieva (PDF) 2011/12
Transmission pathways for Chronic Wasting Disease

Tamer Oraby (PDF) 2011/12 (with D. Krewski)
Seasonality in transmission of
Chronic Wasting Disease

Gabriel Andreguetto Maciel (ELAP) 2011
Interface behavior and population dynamics

Andrée-Ann Pugin (U'grad honors) 2011
Evolution of dispersal in rivers

Olga Vasilieva (PhD) 2006-2011
Modeling and Analysis of Population Dynamics in Advective Environments

Mo'Tassem Al-Arydah (PDF) 2010/11 (with R. Smith?)
Mathematical models for Chronic Wasting Disease

Yasmine Samia (MSc) 2009/2010
Stochastic models for river ecosystems

Tzvia Iljon, (UROP) Fall 2010
When can competitors be facilitators?

Tzvia Iljon (U'grad) Summer 2010
Competition, facilitation and the Allee effect

Justine GunOg Seo (PDF) 2008-2010
Spatiotemporal variability in river ecosystems

Hsin-Hua Wei (MSc)  2007-2010
Population dynamics of central place foragers

Yasmine Samia (WISET USRA) Summer 2009
Tumor control probability and mutations

Curtis McCloskey (NSERC USRA) Summer 2009
Competition, facilitation and the Allee effect

Tzvia Iljon (U'grad) Summer 2009
Competition, facilitation and the Allee effect

Yasmine Samia (WISET USRA) Summer 2008
Invasion of competitors in fragmented habitats

Adrian Maler, Summer 2008
Branching processes, cell cycle times, and tumour control probability
Sebastian Dewhirst (NSERC USRA) Summer 2007
Spreading Speeds in Fragmented Habitats

Marc Kelly (UOttawa, Co-op program) Winter 2006
Numerical Simulation of Nutrient Uptake Models in Rivers

Amy Hurford (MSc, jointly with MA Lewis) 2004/05
Modeling Wolf Movement

Raluca Eftimie (PhD, U of Alberta, jointly supervised with MA Lewis and G deVries) 2003-2007
Modeling animal group formation

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