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Modeling River Ecosystems References on publication page
How does unidirectional flow affect population persistence, spread and interactions?

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Biological Invasions and Patchy Landscapes
Models for individual movement and interaction and resulting patterns of spread

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Conservation Biology
Persistence mechanisms and conditions for spatially extended populations

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Ecological interactions
Complex dynamics resulting from relatively simple assumptions

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Infectious diseases
Modeling the spread and possible control of infectious diseases

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Hyperbolic random walks
Models for movement of individuals and cells where direction of movement influences movement rules

Schooling and Predation

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Various projects that don't seem to fit into any of the above categories

Cell cycle and radiation treatment: Maler and Lutscher (2010) MMB
Parameter estimation: Lele et al (2007) Ecol Let
Fitting images together: Lutscher et al (2003) Congressus

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