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Download the latest version of EFGShield here:  

EFGShield version 4.3 with GUI (June 2018) - features Year-2017 quadrupole moments

Download the accompanying Can. J. Chem. article here:   
S. Adiga, D. Aebi, and D. L. Bryce
EFGShield: A Program for Parsing and Summarizing the Results of Electric Field Gradient and Nuclear Magnetic Shielding Tensor Calculations
Can. J. Chem., 85, 496-505 (2007). PDF.

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Older versions:
EFGShield version 4.2 with GUI (May 2014)
EFGShield version 4.1 with GUI (February 2014)
EFGShield version 4.0 with GUI (October 2013)
EFGShield24.exe (version 2.4, posted July 2011 - this version solves some intermittent problems with ver. 2.3)
  EFGShield23.exe   (version 2.3, April 2009)
(May 2009 - this version may be more robust on some PCs)

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