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    We are always looking for highly motivated people to join the group!

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Current Group

Marie Delachenal

Stagiaire, 2018

Lorraine Grebert

Stagiaire, 2018

Ryan Johannson

Co-op student, 2018

Dr. Vijith Kumar

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2018-

Dr. Cesar Leroy

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017-

Scott Southern, M.Sc.

PhD Candidate

Patrick Szell

PhD Candidate

Yijue Xu

PhD Candidate

Where are they now

are they now... a few examples of some places Bryce group members have gone
Bruker Biospin, NMR facility technician, faculty position at McGill University, science policy at the Council of Canadian Academies, Agriculture Canada, postdoctoral fellow (ENS Lyon; Durham; Ames Laboratory; EPFL), medical school, high school science teacher, pharmacist, chemical industry in Asia, research & development tax consulting, graduate studies in chemistry (MIT, Queen's, McGill, Ottawa, Toronto, UPMC, Poitiers...), dentistry school, graduate studies in chemical engineering, graduate studies in biology, graduate studies in economics, law school, IT consultant and sales, rockstar ...


Syed Abdul-Wasay

Volunteer, 2015

Sam Adiga

NSERC Undergraduate Student, 2005

Dominic Aebi

Honours Project Student, 2006-07

Amanda Alain

NSERC USRA student, 2015

Omar Anjum

Summer Student (NSERC USRA), 2011

Rob Attrell

Graduate Student and Honours Student, 2009-2011

Miranda Boggild

NSERC USRA student, 2007

Dr. Jerome Boisbouvier

Visiting scientist 2005, currently at CNRS Grenoble, France

Maressa Bradshaw

Summer Student, 2017

Ludovic Brunet

Stagiaire, 2015

Elijah Bultz

Undergraduate Student, 2006-2008

Dr. Kevin Burgess

Graduate Student , PhD 2014

Estelle Caron-Poulin

Summer Student and Honours Student, 2017-18

Lysiane Champion

Stagiaire, 2016

Dr. Becky Chapman

Graduate Student, 2006-2011

Jeremy Chi Hung Chin

Honours Student, 2014-2015

Frederic Comeau

NSERC Undergraduate Student, 2008

Chris Davis

NSERC Undergraduate Student, 2006

Dr. Matthew Devany

Visiting scientist, 2006

Nuiok Dicaire

uOttawa Undergraduate Research Scholar, 2011-12

Noémie-Manuelle Dorval Courchesne

NSERC USRA student, 2007

Julien Dragon

Stagiaire, 2017

Samuel El Mestiri

Stagiaire, 2014

Dylan Errulat

Honours Student, 2015-16

Cedric Farthouat

Stagiaire, 2014

Dr. Pamela Faure

Visiting Professor, 2016-17

Heather Foucault

Research Assistant, 2007

Brittany Franchuk

Summer Student, 2009

Dr. Jamie Frost

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2015-16

Shaina Gabriel

Summer Student, 2016

  • Dr. Phuong Ghi

    Post-Doctoral Research Associate, 2007-2008

    Russell Gill

    Summer Student, 2015

    Stephen Harrigan

    Undergraduate Research Scholar, 2015-2016

    Prisca Hendarsa

    Visiting stagiaire, 2011

    Jasmine Huang

    Honours Student, 2017-18

    Apurva Ingole

    Summer Intern, 2013

    Callan Jessiman

    Summer Student, 2012

    Dr. Libor Kobera

    Postdoctoral Fellow, 2015-16

    Ritesh Kumar

    Summer intern (DST Inspire Scholar), 2011

    James LaFortune

    UROP Student, 2012

    Aurore Lebrun

    Visiting stagiaire, 2011

    Matthew Leclerc

    Summer Student & Honours Student, 2011-12

    Sophie Leclerc

    Honours Student and Summer Student, 2012

    Philip Lee

    Undergraduate Student, 2007

    Dr. Andy Lo

    Postdoctoral Associate
    & NMR Facility Technician, 2009-2012

    Jessica-Lee Maiorino

    NSERC Undergraduate Student, 2010

    Julia Meyer

    Undergraduate Student, 2013-2014

    Florent Milan

    Stagiaire, 2016

    Sumaya Mohamed

    Undergraduate Volunteer, 2015

    Melanie Mastronardi

    NSERC Undergraduate student, 2008

Gyvenska Mathurin


Elisabeth Messner-Henning

Co-op student, 2010

Vincent Morin

Honours Student, 2017-18

Dr. Igor Moudrakovski

Research Associate, 2013

Vincent Nguyen

UROP Student, 2014-2015

Sherif Nour

M. Sc., 2015

Dr. Se-Woung Oh

Visiting Professor, 2011

Mélanie Ouellette

Honours student, 2010-11

Bussaraporn Patarachao


Frédéric Perras

Graduate Student, PhD 2014

Arnaud Pinchaud

Stagiaire, 2014

Caitlin Ritz

NSERC Undergraduate Student, 2006

Laurie-Anne Roy

Undergraduate Research Scholar, 2015-2016

Sarah Sayed

Honours Project Student and Summer Student, 2006-07

Gregory Sward

Summer Student and Honours Project Student, 2005-07

Dr. Helene van Melckebeke

Visiting scientist, 2005

Dr. Jasmine Viger-Gravel

Ph.D., 2015

Paolo Cerreia Vioglio

Visiting Student, 2016

Shirley Wan

UROP Student, 2015

Joseph Weiss

M.Sc. Student (M.Sc., 2011)

Peter Werhun

Graduate student (M.Sc., 2017)

Michael West

Summer Student and Volunteer, 2015-2016

Dr. Cory Widdifield

Graduate student, 2008-2012.  PhD 2012.

Angel Wong

Graduate student (M. Sc., 2017)

Philippe Wong

Stagiaire, 2015

Dr. Zheng Ping Wu

Visiting Professor, 2014-2015

Yang Xu

NSERC USRA and UROP Student, 2012-13

Tanya Yeuchyk

Volunteer, 2014-15

Scott Zablotny

Undergraduate Research Scholar
 & Summer Student, 2016-17

Justine Zavattero

Stagiaire, 2017

Mustafa Zeybek

UROP student

Lei Zhang

Undergraduate Student

Dan Ni Zheng

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Student, 2017-18

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