MAT1341F - Introduction to Linear Algebra

Professor: Charles Starling

Office: 585 King Edward, Room 311

Phone: 562-5800 extension 3538


Office Hours: Until further notice, I will be holding my office hours in the SITE building, in the seating area near the Tim Hortons. The times will be as follows:

  • Tuesday 2:30pm-4pm (after class)
  • Thursday 10am-11:30am (before class)
  • Thursday 1pm-2:30pm (before class)


Test Solutions

Diagnostic test:
  1. Version 1 (2:30pm)
  2. Version 2 (4:00pm)
Test/Assigment 2:
  1. Version 1 (2:30pm)
  2. Version 2 (4:00pm)
Test 3:
  1. Version 1
  2. Version 2
Test 4:
  1. Version 1
  2. Version 2


  • Vector Spaces First

    This is our main textbook for the course, written by Monica Nevins, Thierry Giordano, and Barry Jessup. It is a free e-book available on Blackboard.

  • Course Notes

    Here are some rough class notes from my colleague Barry Jessup. We will more or less be following those notes, so they may be most useful for reading ahead. In fact, the course text "Vector Spaces First" is based upon these notes.

  • Past Exams

    Here is a link to some past exams with solutions. You should try the versions without the solutions before looking at the solutions.

  • Math Help Centre

    The Math Help Centre, located in Marion 021, is an excellent resource for getting extra help in this course. Here is a link to the Help Centre's webpage with information about which courses they can help with along with hours of operation.

Homework problems

Like any math course, the key to understanding is to complete and understand practice problems. The e-book "Vector Spaces First" on Blackboard has many exercises available at the end of sections.

Here is a link to a list of suggested exercises from the optional text. These are presented in the order in which we cover the material.

There is no graded homework in this course.