MAT1341G - Introduction to Linear Algebra

Professor: Charles Starling

Office: 555 King Edward, Room 205

Phone: 562-5800 extension 1210


Office Hours:

  • Tuesdays 11:30am-12:45pm
  • Tuesdays 2:30pm-4:00pm
  • The building KE3 listed above has address 555 King Edward Ave. The office hours are held in the meeting room on the first floor.


Test Solutions


  • Vector Spaces First

    This is our main textbook for the course, written by Monica Nevins, Thierry Giordano, and Barry Jessup. It is a free e-book available on Blackboard.

  • Background material on vectors

    This is a set of notes on vector geometry prepared by Prof. Steve Desjardins. This is intended for those of you who may not have seen much of the prerequisite vector geometry in high school. This file is available on Blackboard.

  • Course Notes

    Below you will find scanned lecture notes. If you wish to read ahead, you may consult the scanned notes I gave in last semester's MAT1341E, though please note that this semester, we will be covering the material in a different order.

  • Past Exams

    Here is a link to some past exams with solutions. You should try the questions without the solutions before looking at the solutions.

    Final exam material

    The following chapters are covered by the final exam:

    Chapters 1-19, 21-23

    This means that this year's final will look different than past years, in the following ways:

    1. Complex numbers WILL be on the test
    2. Linear transformations WON'T be on the test

    For studying complex numbers, try the following questions from past tests:

    • Winter 2011 Diagnostic 11, 12
    • Fall 2011 Diagnostic #11, #12
    • Fall 2012 Diagnostic #11, #12
    • Fall 2013 Diagnostic #9, #11
    • Fall 2014 Diagnostic #11, #12
    • Winter 2015 Diagnostic #6, #9
    • Fall 2015 Diagnostic #11, #12

    Here is a list of final exam questions you are NOT responsible for:

    • Winter 2011 Final #14c
    • Fall 2011 Final #14c
    • Fall 2012 Final #14
    • Fall 2013 Final #14
    • Fall 2014 Final #14
    • Winter 2015 Final #15d
    • Fall 2015 Final #14
  • Math Help Centre

    The Math Help Centre, located in TBT C115, is an excellent resource for getting extra help in this course. Here is a link to the Help Centre's webpage with information about which courses they can help with along with hours of operation.

Homework problems

Like any math course, the key to understanding is to complete and understand practice problems. The e-book "Vector Spaces First" on Blackboard has many exercises available at the end of sections.

Here is a link to a list of suggested exercises from the optional text.

There is no graded homework in this course.