MAT1318A(Fall 2015)







midterm 3

Solutions to midterm 3



Here you can find a set of practice questions for the third midterm. Here are the solutions.



midterm 2

Solutions to midterm 2



Two short self-assessment quizzes are posted on the Blackboard. The tests are designed based on the common mistakes in the first midterm with the goal of improving the general skills needed to work with algebraic expressions and equations. I highly encourage you to take the quiz as many times as you need. Once you finish each test, a detailed solution window appears that helps you find your mistakes.


Important info on the second midterm:

The test will cover everything starting from lecture 1 up to the end of lecture 11. The focus will be on lectures 7-11. The important topics are: Graphing polynomials of degree higher than two (polynomial long division-end behaviour-remainder theorem), writing quadratic forms in standard form, finding vertex, composition of functions, odd/even functions, finding inverses of functions (including functions with quotients or square roots.)


Here you can find a set of practice questions for the second midterm, together with solutions.



midterm 1

Solutions to midterm 1


Here you can find a sample midterm exam from previous years, with solution, and here is another one without solution.






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