About us

The Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Mathematics has active research groups in algebra, Lie theory and representation theory. The research interests of the faculty that comprise these groups include Lie algebras, Jordan algebras, algebraic geometry, group theory, representation theory, number theory, and quantum groups. There are regular seminars as well as frequent workshops and conferences.

Faculty Members

Below is a list of faculty members associated with the Algebra group, Lie Theory group, and/or Representation Theory group (for a list of which uOttawa members are in which group, see here).

University of Ottawa

  • Walter Burgess - noncommutative rings, finite dimensional algebras, rings of continuous functions
  • Daniel Daigle - Algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, geometry of affine spaces
  • Daniel Fiorilli - Analytic number theory
  • Barry Jessup - Rational homotopy, Lie algebra cohomology
  • Jason Levy - Automorphic forms, algebraic groups
  • Erhard Neher - Lie algebras, Jordan algebras and groups
  • Monica Nevins - Representation theory of p-adic groups, cryptography
  • Michel Racine - Algebra, Jordan algebra, superalgebras, polynomial identities
  • Damien Roy - Transcendental number theory
  • Hadi Salmasian - Unitary representations, supergeometry, infinite dimensional groups
  • Alistair Savage - Geometric and combinatorial representation theory
  • Abdellah Sebbar - Number theory, quantum groups
  • Kirill Zaynullin - Linear algebraic groups, algebraic geometry, homological algebra

Carleton University

  • Yuly Billig - Lie algebras and groups, Kac-Moody algebras and their representations
  • Inna Bumagin - Geometric and combinatorial group theory
  • John Dixon - Group theory, algebra computation
  • Vlastimil Dlab - Finite dimensional algebras, representation theory
  • Paul Mezo - Representations of algebraic groups, automorphic representations
  • Luis Ribes - Group theory

Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Mohammad Bardestani, Supervisors: Vadim Kaimanovich, Hadi Salmasian, Kirill Zaynullin
  • Aaron Christie, Supervisor: Paul Mezo
  • Tiago Macedo, Supervisor: Alistair Savage
  • Roberto Pirisi, Supervisors: Damien Roy, Kirill Zaynullin
  • Uladzimir Yahorau, Supervisors: Yuly Billig, Erhard Neher, Kirill Zaynullin

Graduate Students

  • Hessah Alsubaie, Supervisor: Hadi Salmasian
  • Yu Yang Bao, Supervisor: Daniel Daigle
  • Michael Chitayat, Supervisor: Daniel Daigle
  • Camelia Karimianpour, Supervisors: Monica Nevins and Hadi Salmasian
  • Aminata Dite Tanti Keita, Supervisors: Abdellah Sebbar and Damien Roy
  • Jonathan Ladouceur, Supervisor: Yuly Billig
  • Marc-Antoine Leclerc, Supervisors: Erhard Neher and Kirill Zaynullin
  • Alexander Neshitov, Supervisor: Kirill Zaynullin
  • Ngoc Ai Van Nguyen, Supervisor: Damien Roy
  • Samuel Nyobe, Supervisor: Daniel Daigle
  • Melanie Pabstel, Supervisors: Jason Levy and Monica Nevins
  • Tantely Rakotoarisoa, Supervisor: Monica Nevins
  • Nigel Redding, Supervisor: Hadi Salmasian
  • Martin Rivard-Cooke, Supervisor: Damien Roy
  • Cameron Ruether, Supervisor: Kirill Zaynullin
  • Hicham Saber, Supervisor: Abdellah Sebbar
  • Isra Shbeil, Supervisor: Abdellah Sebbar
  • John Talboom, Supervisor: Yuly Billig
  • Gang Wu, Supervisor: Alistair Savage