Graduate courses

The following graduate courses in algebra (or related areas) are being offered this academic year. Numbers outside of parentheses are uOttawa course codes; numbers in parentheses are Carleton course codes. Of course, students studying in algebra should also take courses in other areas in order to develop a breadth of expertise. For a complete list of all graduate courses offered this academic year, follow the link posted below.

Fall 2016

  • MAT 5141 (MATH 5017) Algebra I. Instructor: K. Zaynullin (Ottawa)
  • MAT 5143 (MATH 5014) Lie Alegbras. Instructor: H. Salmasian (Ottawa)
  • MAT 5148 (MATH 5102) Group representations and applications. Instructor: J. Nilsson (Carleton)

Winter 2017

  • MAT 5142 (MATH 5109) Algebra II. Instructor: Y. Billig (Carleton)
  • MAT 5158 (MATH 6104) Lie groups. Instructor: T. Schmah (Ottawa)
  • MAT 5145 (MATH 5106) Group theory. Instructor: I. Bumagin (Carleton)
  • MAT 5327 (MATH 6101) Topics in algebra: fields and coding theory. Instructor: D. Panario (Carleton)

Complete list of graduate courses offered in 2016–2017