Graduate courses

The following graduate courses in algebra (or related areas) are being offered this academic year. Numbers outside of parentheses are uOttawa course codes, numbers in parentheses are Carleton course codes. For a more complete list of all graduate courses offered this academic year, see the lists posted here.

Fall 2013

  • MAT 5141 (MATH 5107) Algebra I. Professor: Inna Bumagin (Carleton)
  • MAT 5143 (MATH 5104) Lie Algebras. Professor: E. Neher (Ottawa)
  • MAT 5327 (MATH 6101) Topics in Algebra: Fields and Coding Theory. Professor: Steven Wang (Carleton)

Winter 2014

  • MAT 5142 (MATH 5109) Algebra II. Professor: D. Handelman (Ottawa)
  • MAT 5148 (MATH 5102) Group Representations and Applications. Professor: Paul Mezo (Carleton)
  • MAT 5164 (MATH 5306) Algebraic Number Theory. Professor: Saban Alaca (Carleton)